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Pertussis Surveillance Trend Reporting and Case Definition CDC

The United States CDC 2016 final pertussis surveillance report and the provisional pertussis surveillance report for 2017 has now been published. The number of cases report in 2016 was 17,972 compared to the 20,762 in 2015.

Effectiveness of TDaP Booster Wanes in Adolescents

News stories based on a press release from Kaiser Permanente have been published by a number of news outlets, particularly in the United States. The study, from Kaiser Permanente’s Vaccine Study Center in the USA found that, although the TDaP booster vaccination given to teenagers gives moderate protection against pertussis in the year following vaccination, […]

DBV Technologies and BioNet-Asia Continue Development of Needle-Free Pertussis Booster Delivery

Following a positive independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board review of DBV Technologies’ vaccine patch technology (Viaskin), further enrollment into a phase 1 study will go ahead. Compliance with adolescent and adult pertussis booster is suboptimal and it is hoped that this technology could improve booster uptake.

Increase in Pertussis Cases in England During First Half of 2016

Data for laboratory-confirmed pertussis in England showed 2201 cases between January and May 2016, compared with 1362 in the same period in 2015. The number for 2016 was higher than for the same period in every year since 2011, except for 2013. Incidence continues to be highest in infants less than 3 months old, but […]

Outbreak Throughout Nunavut, Canada

A public health advisory has been issued as a pertussis outbreak has spread across Nunavut province in Canada, with 29 cases reported as of October 2016.

Health Ministry Extends Alert in Northern Territory, Australia

Despite high vaccine coverage across Australia’s Northern Territory, the number of cases reported to November 2016 was twice that in the same period of 2015.

Update on GPI Activities

2016 Roundtable Meeting The GPI membership meets yearly to discuss the prevention of pertussis worldwide, to raise the profile of pertussis as an important preventable disease, and to make recommendations on vaccination strategies. The 2016 Roundtable Meeting was held in November in Cape Town, South Africa. The first day of the meeting focused on pertussis […]